‘Fall in Again’ is the debut EP from the Brooklyn based trio, Dirty Harts. The project was released through Extreme Music, available for licensing via

Though heartbreak may be the central theme for the sophomore release, the three musicians come from distinctly different backgrounds, fusing their individual styles to release what has been referred to as indie pop, rock, trip-hop and even ‘dungeon synth’.


Rose Hart hails from East London and established herself as a singer/songwriter/moody bartender in NYC, 2010. While releasing her solo projects, she also featured in the ‘Blessed Choir’ on some major artists’ releases (J Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ album, and Drakes single, ‘Lord Knows’). During this time, she immersed herself in the east-coast based Hip Hop scene and featured on various local artists’ projects, solidifying herself as a co-writer, solo artist and performer. 


Wilcox, coming from St. Louis, Missouri, is a multi-instrumentalist that pulls from a myriad of experiences and collaborations. From the rock-and-roll/blues cradle of St. Louis, to the experimental and expanding Pacific Northwest and Brooklyn Indie-Rock circuits, William has performed with artists such as Resistall, Jim-Yoshi Pile Up's Paul Gonzenbach and Cigarettes After Sex. 

While a lot of Wilcox’s writing stems from his primary work as a guitarist, before meeting Rose Hart, his artistry in production began, and he released under the alias Dirty Pipes.

Dirty Pipes then introduced into the mix one of his collaborators from various previous projects, Jon Di Fiore. 

A percussionist and composer, Di Fiore performs throughout greater New Jersey/New York City. As well as releasing his own compositions, Jon has had the fortune to perform along a number of NYC greats such as The Steve LaSpina Group, Joel Frahm, and Paul Meyers. 

After earning a B.M. in Jazz performance and an M.M. in Jazz Studies from William Paterson University, Jon freelances as a percussionist and made his Lincoln Center debut at Avery Fisher Hall with the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony in May of 2011.


The three writers/musicians continue to write and record while balancing the pressure of officially forming, during a global pandemic (that’s for album two).

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"Their music is so relatable and easy to fall in love with" - Tom Defrancesco – Composer/Music director

"It's a soundtrack to the romance of living in New York" - Sarah M Bartley - Writer/Director


"The album is an ethereal bump from track to track" - Chocolate Brown – Singer/Songwriter